Error codes

Error Code Error Code Meaning
404 Unknown error.
401 Login credentials not valid.
429 Rate limit exceeded.
620 Method doesn't exist.
623 Calling parameters do not match signature.
631 Failed to parse request. Request is invalid.
632 Invalid request, no method passed; request must contain a 'methodName'.
633 Param must contain a value.
634 Invalid method name.
620 Method does not exist.
637 A parameter is not valid.
639 Method not allowed for this user.
40001 The domain is not available.
40004 The domain is not valid.
40011 The domain configuration is not valid.
40014 The account type is not valid.
40015 Domain configuration is not available for this account type.
40401 Customer not connected to the reseller.
50001 Account parameters are not valid.
60001 Insufficient funds.

Fault response example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

						The domain is not available.

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