About Loopia

Loopia is today one of Sweden's largest web hosting companies, with awards such as "Sweden's best web hosting" in the magazine Internetworld (05 / 02). We have been running our business since 1999 and are currently found in Sweden, Norway and Serbia. We are part of the Norwegian Visma Group.

Our customers

Our customers range from large, multinational companies and organizations to local sports clubs and single individuals. Today we manage more than 800 000 domain names - a figure that is increasing steadily.


Unlike many of our competitors, we develop the majority of our systems ourselves. In this way we're able to keep our leading position in the industry in terms of systems and services. Here you can read about our hosting solutions and our unique DNS service LoopiaDNS.

Loopia is part of Visma

Visma makes businesses more efficient, through offerings of software, outsourcing services, commerce solutions, retail IT-solutions, and IT-related projects and consulting. We simplify and digitalize core business processes within the private and public sector. 340,000 customers in Northern Europe utilize our products and services, and an additional 330,000 use us as a hosting partner. We are 5 600 employees and our net revenue amounted to NOK  6 500 million in 2013.

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