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With our marketing services, you'll get suggestions and guides to help you make your website more visible online and improve your Google ranking.

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Most of your customers search on Google before making a purchase. It shows how important it is for you and your business to be online so that you don't miss out on potential customers searching for products/services your company offers. With Loopia's marketing tools LoopiaSEO and LoopiaListings, you gain control of your company's visibility online and the best possible results from your digital presence. Read more below.

How visible is your website today?

Do a free analysis of your website and see how visible it is among the search results on for example Google and Bing.

Become more visible on Google with LoopiaSEO

The better your website’s online visibility is, the more visitors it will receive which increases the chance of getting more customers and increased sales. The search engine optimization tool LoopiaSEO helps you improve your website's visibility in search engines like Google by:

  • Customized tutorials on how to get your website to climb on eg Google.
  • Recurring reports on your rankings with suggestions for improvement.
  • Statistics about your competitors' rankings on important keywords.

From 111.2 SEK/mon

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Take control of your company's online visibility with LoopiaListings

LoopiaListings allows you to take control of your company's visibility online and, over time, improve its ranking among search results on eg Google. For example, you have the opportunity to:

  • Quickly and easily add your business information such as contact information and opening hours to all important business listings (such as Facebook and Google Maps).
  • Update all business information in all listings at the same time with a single click.
  • Manage and respond to customer reviews from all business listings in one place.

From 215.2 SEK/mon

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Keep track of your online visibility with Loopia EasyListings

With Loopia EasyListings, it's easy to get listed in the most important business directories online - with just one click. Our smart AI functionality makes it super simple to respond to customer reviews and create content for your social media!

Benefits of Loopia EasyListings:

  • All customer reviews in one place: Manage reviews from Google and Facebook directly in our control panel with AI support.
  • Better visibility on Google: Get simpler SEO tasks to optimize your website.
  • Schedule social media posts: Let AI create and schedule posts based on your competitors' content.

From 49 SEK/mon

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