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Use our lightning-fast web platform with great performance - perfect for websites and online stores requiring the highest speed to be found! Included in Business and Business Plus hosting packages.

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What is Boost?

Boost is our stable and lightning-fast web platform that is perfect for you with a slightly larger website, or with requirements for even faster loading times than our other platforms can offer. Many who have tested Boost have experienced a huge improvement in terms of impressively fast load times!

Boost is included in our web hosting packages Business and Business Plus.

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Boost is perfect for you who...

...run an online store or news page with a frequent number of visitors/clicks. These visitors will create many calls to different parts of the website and its database which may not always be solved by a regular cache plugin. With the cache included in Boost, these page views can quickly and efficiently be solved both for the website's visitors and the administrator.

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"We at DriftZone are incredibly pleased with the new web platform and the support from Loopia. We feel that our website is faster than before and easy to work with in the backend."

- Stefan Lindgren, driftzone.se

This is how Boost differs from our regular platform


Page cache

The page cache on Boost caches PHP websites as if they were static pages which can provide extremely fast loading times for your website.

Read more about page cache


Code cache

The code cache on Boost caches the website’s PHP code which makes most page loads significantly faster.

Read more about code cache


Object cache

Boost uses object cache, primarily to cache responses from the database that your website uses.

Read more about object cache

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We apply a 30 day refund policy on web hosting. If you’re not satisfied with our services, you will get your money back. Any domain names and extra services such as Microsoft 365 are not covered by this warranty.

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