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.se 139 SEK
.eu 119 SEK
.com 129 SEK
.nu 149 SEK

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Protect your company name, brands and ideas as domains with Sweden’s largest domain provider. With Loopia you can easily register all domains you want and our award winning SuperSupport is at your service 365 days a year if you need help. Search for available domains at cost price today already.

Domain type  Supports ÅÄÖ 1  Registration    
.SE Yes 139,00 SEK     Order
.COM Yes 129,00 SEK     Order
.NU Yes 149,00 SEK     Order
.FI Yes 179,00 SEK     Order
.EU Yes 119,00 SEK     Order
.ONLINE New Yes 379,00 SEK 39 SEK     Order
.SITE New Yes 329,00 SEK 29 SEK     Order
.TECH New Yes 299,00 SEK 39 SEK     Order
.GRATIS Yes 259,00 SEK     Order
.CLUB Yes 199,00 SEK     Order
.GURU Yes 369,00 SEK     Order
.WEBSITE Yes 269,00 SEK     Order
.EMAIL Yes 259,00 SEK     Order
.LINK Yes 119,00 SEK     Order
.ME   199,00 SEK     Order
.NET Yes 139,00 SEK   Order
.ORG Yes 139,00 SEK     Order
.BIZ Yes 159,00 SEK     Order
.INFO Yes 149,00 SEK     Order
.MOBI 2   189,00 SEK     Order
.NAME   109,00 SEK     Order
.TV Yes 399,00 SEK     Order
.DK Yes 79,00 SEK     Order
.NO Yes 129,00 SEK     Order
.BE   99,00 SEK     Order
.PL Yes 159,00 SEK     Order
.AT Yes 139,00 SEK     Order
.CC   249,00 SEK     Order
.CO.UK   3 99,00 SEK     Order
.ORG.UK   3 99,00 SEK     Order
  1. These domain types support IDN standard, which among other things allows support for the Swedish characters Å, Ä and Ö.
  2. The domain type .MOBI is specially designed for mobile devices such as mobile phones and PDAs. A .MOBI-page must follow standard XHTML MP. You can validate your .MOBI-site at
  3. CO.UK and .ORG.UK domains are renewed every two years. Therefore you will be billed 198,00 every other year.
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New top level domains

In addition to the classic TLDs above, we also offer the latest variants that were recently launched on the market.

Domain type   Registration    
.ONLINE New 379,00 SEK 39 SEK     Order
.SITE New 329,00 SEK 29 SEK     Order
.TECH New 299,00 SEK 39 SEK     Order
.GRATIS 259,00 SEK     Order
.CLUB 199,00 SEK     Order
.GURU 369,00 SEK     Order
.WEBSITE 269,00 SEK     Order
.EMAIL 259,00 SEK     Order
.LINK 119,00 SEK     Order

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