Partners and suppliers

We actively cooperate with several partners and suppliers.
Below you will find a selection of these.

Network Appliance

Network Appliance develops the file server systems we use in our clustered storage solutions. Products from Network Appliance are considered as the leading products by many in the IT industry. For more information about Network Appliance, visit this site: www.netapp.com.


IBM is a classic and well-known provider of IT solutions. We use IBM for our disk based mass storage solution. For more information about IBM, visit this site: www.ibm.com.


We have been using rack servers from Dell for many years. Dell's products are of high quality and Dell has always been a great partner. For more information about dell, visit this site: www.dell.com.

Cisco Systems

We use several products from Cisco Systems in our data centre. Cisco Systems is a leading provider of advanced network equipment such as routers and switches. For more information about Cisco Systems, visit this site: www.cisco.com.


We have an SPLA (Service Provider License Agreement) with Microsoft. That means that we are licensed to provide our customers with services based on Microsoft's applications and products. Our staff have also earned several different Microsoft certifications (MCSE). For more information about Microsoft, visit this site: www.microsoft.com.


Most of our UNIX servers run FreeBSD. FreeBSD is a very stable, reliable and safe operating system used by big companies such as Yahoo, Sony Japan and Apache. For more information about FreeBSD, visit this site: www.freebsd.org.


We also use another UNIX operating system called OpenBSD. OpenBSD is an operating system with a primary focus on security, openness, correctness and networking. For more information about OpenBSD, visit this site: www.openbsd.org.


We use Ascio to register all TLDs other than .com, .eu and .nu. For more information about Ascio, visit the following page: www.ascio.com.

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