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Choose the package that best suits your purpose. We recommend that you go with hosting to be able to launch a professional website for your business as well.

Money back guarantee! We apply a 30 day refund policy on web hosting. If you’re not satisfied with our services, you will get your money back. Possible domains and extra services such as Microsoft 365 are not covered by the warranty.

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Additional services

  • Loopia Easy Listings
    49 SEK /mon 62 SEK /mon 0 SEK /mon 0 SEK /mon
    Nå ut med ditt företag online. Easy Listings förenklar din hantering av dina vanligaste sociala kanaler. Med ett klick kan du publicera öppettider, företagsinformation, eget eller AI-genererat innehåll i företagets sociala medier.
  • LoopiaDNS - Domain administration
    9,00 SEK /mon 11,25 SEK /mon 0,00 SEK /mon 0,00 SEK /mon
    All your domains in one single account. Forward WWW and emails. DynDNS. Included in web hosting
  • Email
    59,00 SEK /mon 73,75 SEK /mon 0,00 SEK /mon 0,00 SEK /mon
    25 GB email space, 5 email addresses Included in web hosting
  • Starter
    79,00 SEK /mon 98,75 SEK /mon 0,00 SEK /mon 0,00 SEK /mon
    1 Sitebuilder, 50 GB email space, 10 email addresses Included in web hosting
  • Loopia Sitebuilder Large
    128 SEK /mon 159 SEK /mon 0 SEK /mon 0 SEK /mon
    Bygg din sida med obegränsade AI-funktioner. Obegränsat antal undersidor och samtliga funktioner i Sitebuildern Requires hosting
  • Loopia Sitebuilder Webbutik
    240 SEK /mon 299 SEK /mon 0 SEK /mon 0 SEK /mon
    Loopia Sitebuilder Large AI plus en komplett e-handel Requires hosting
  • Project Plan 1
    108 SEK /mon 135 SEK /mon 0 SEK /mon 0 SEK /mon
    50GB e-post i molnet och tillgång till Outlook online Requires hosting or DNS
  • Microsoft 365-appar för småföretag (endast Office-programmen)
    112 SEK /mon 139 SEK /mon 0 SEK /mon 0 SEK /mon
    50GB e-post i molnet och tillgång alla Office-programvaror.1 TB lagring i OneDrive. Kan uppgraderas med CoPilot Requires hosting or DNS
  • LoopiaVPS
    329 SEK /mon 412 SEK /mon 0 SEK /mon 0 SEK /mon
    Full frihet på din egna server i en isolerad miljö och med dedikerade resurser. Egen IPv4/IPv6 50GB HDD, 2 cores, 2GB RAM.

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