New Customer Zone - for mobile, tablet and computer

When you log into the new customer zone you will just as before be met by the question "What would you like to do?". From there step-by-step guides will help you to create e-mail addresses, set up a website or an e-commerce.

Below the guides you will find all existing services. Instead of scrolling around in a menu, you can now see the entire content of your account in a structured list.

If you want to do something with a domain name, simply click on that domain name. You can then make the settings you want - all in one place.

The same applies if you want to pay an invoice, put on auto response on an e-mail address or if you want to log on to your website which is built with Loopia Website Builder. Click on each item and you will find all of the settings and features.

Use our smart search function

Do you have a large account with many domain names, email addresses and websites? No problem. With the smart search tool in Loopia Customer Zone you'll easily find what you need.

  • Search specific objects
    For example, a specific domain name, invoice number or an email address. Searching for a domain name you will get, in addition to the domain name, all email addresses, invoices, WordPress installations and anything else related to that particular domain name.
  • Search object types
    If you type "e-mail addresses" in the search box you will see all of your e-mail addresses listed below. The same goes for "Domain Name", "wordpress", "web shops" or any other type of object. Additionally, you can search with multiple words such as "unpaid invoices" to only see invoices that you have not yet paid.
  • Search terms
    If you e.g. want to change the password on any of your services, you can type "change password" in the search box and see all items that include the option to change the password. Do you want to transfer a domain name, you can e.g. write "entrust domain" or "change owner".
  • Your searches are saved
    All of your searches are saved below the search box and sorted by what you use most. In other words, your standard searches are never more than a click away.

Is there any item that need more attention, e.g. a domain name that is set to expire or a bill which lapsed, it will be highlighted in red in the list.

Mobile, tablet or computer...

It does´t matter what size of screen you use, the new Loopia customer zone. All features are available on all devices, and you never have to zoom in and out.

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