Protect your domain name with DNSSEC

With DNSSEC, you can secure that your domain name is not "kidnapped" and thereby protect the visitors of your website.

What is DNSSEC?

DNS is the system that keeps track of which IP address belong to which domain name. DNSSEC is a security extension to DNS. DNSSEC protects Internet users from forged DNS data, that for example directs the visitor to a page that contains malicious code or fooling the visitor to hand over sensitive information. DNS communication that is secured with DNSSEC is digitally signed and the visitor can thus be sure that the data not has been falsified on the way from the DNS server.

Loopia is a pioneer in DNSSEC and was the first registrar in the world that launched support for this technology. Today DNSSEC is supported only by a handful of ccTLDs, including .se. Loopia actively works to raise the awareness for the need of DNSSEC. We are sharing our insights, knowledge and experience with several major TLDs.

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